Selecting Designer Floor Lamps For Your Interior Design Project

For designer homes and offices, floor lamps are an absolute must-have. Designed with equal purpose as a piece of artwork, floor lamps help in defining a particular ambiance and adding a touch of elegance. These beautiful pieces are often hand-crafted by artisans, giving them a true sense of personality. As they have a long tradition of crafting fine-looking lamps for royalty and celebrities, the artisans and craftsmen still continue to create the most unique and artistic lamps that could ever be produced in the modern era.

How to Selecting Designer Floor Lamps For Your Interior Design Project

With their beauty and elegance, designer floor lamps are considered perfect lighting fixtures for both residential as well as commercial establishments. The reason behind this is that they are used for different tasks, which require different kinds of lighting solutions. Task lighting can be provided through task lights; these are the lights which shine directly to the task areas without consuming much energy, creating a focus on specific tasks such as reading or cooking. Spot lighting can also be provided through these lights. When these are used to provide accent illumination in a certain location, they create a very strong point of focus. On the other hand, accent lighting can be provided through lampshades or by using additional lamps with their appropriate bulbs and light points.

The kind of lighting project depends on the area of usage, color scheme and budget. For example, if you are working on a comprehensive interior design project, then it would be more advisable to use floor lamps with task lighting, as they will create a focal point and make the entire project look very elegant and stylish. For a more economical option, you can choose to use ceiling-mounted floor lamps. Even though they cannot provide task lighting, they are ideal for providing ambient illumination to your room during night or when your bedroom is the least frequented place in your house.