Business Phone Systems – An Overview

business phone systems

Here’s a shortlist of the best eight business phone systems available in the UK today. The first is Bluebonnet with its range of hands-free, CDMA, and GSM phones. These hands-free devices come preloaded with thousands of telephone applications and can be used with any GSM/GPRS compatible mobile device. A lot of Bluebonnet handsets are compatible with the latest Blueberry handsets. Other features include touch-screen capability, a high-resolution camera, voice dialing, and a call-waiting facility, as well as a well-known caller ID. See website for more updated information about Business Phone System. 

Business Phone Systems

Next is Opex with its range of hosted VoIP solutions and IP telephony. It also has a hosted switchboard and an easy to use interface for controlling, monitoring and integrating its features. Opex business phone systems are known for their flexibility coupled with low cost of ownership. The company claims that it delivers scalable, flexible and cost-efficient business phone systems that meet the exact needs of its customers.

Cloud computing and hosted voip have become very popular with many companies and therefore it is not surprising to see such a reputable business phone systems provider with a cloud hosting option. T-Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin are just some of the high profile companies that offer hosted voip with business phone systems as part of their services. These hosted voip solutions are provided through high quality Internet connections and can be accessed from any location. Voicemail is yet another important feature offered by this business phone system and allows customers to send and receive voice messages.

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