ParaGard Removal Side Effects

ParaGard removal side effects

If you are experiencing any of these ParaGard removal side effects, you should seek medical attention immediately. While mild and moderate side effects are rare, you should consult your doctor if they are more severe. You can also call your local emergency number to seek emergency medical attention. However, severe or persistent side effects should be reported to your physician or local emergency services. For more information about ParaGard, read the brochure provided by the manufacturer.

Personal Experiences With The Device And How It’s Affected Them

Many women who were affected by the breakage of their Paragard IUDs are banding together on social media to share their experiences. One Facebook group, for example, has more than 8,000 members. Members discuss their personal experiences with the device and how it’s affected them. Sadly, for Speaks, it was not possible to seek professional medical care, so she removed her own device. When she reinserted the Paragard, she discovered that it had broken into pieces.

The removal process for ParaGard is non-surgical and typically occurs during a routine office visit. Your health care provider will insert the device and pull it from your uterus. Some women experience light bleeding or cramping during the procedure. If your ParaGard has become stuck in your uterus, however, a doctor will use forceps to remove it. You can usually expect to have another Paragard placed at the same time. The removal process can be difficult if your Paragard becomes stuck inside the uterus.