Modern motel miles

modern motel miles

The first consideration you should make when looking for a discount motel is if the motel offers modern motel miles. Modern motels are like all other motels and have to comply with all state and local requirements for being legal. Not all motels will offer modern motel miles. In some states if a motel has not changed over to modern standards, they may not be able to stay in business. This is because in many areas; they still operate as old-fashioned motels and only accept guests that drive trucks.


If you find a good example of a classic motel that is still operating then you may be able to get great rates on your future motel reservations. The best places to look for modern motel rates are on the Internet, because there are a number of websites that allow you to look at what other motel chains offer in terms of modern motel rates. Many also have offers and discounts on their website that will not appear on their print ads. It is important to note that this is not the case for all online motels.


Another thing you can do to obtain modern motel rates is to find an old but trusted local motel. You can approach the manager or owner of a known motel and ask them if they will be willing to meet with you in order to help you obtain modern motel rates. Not all motels want to help, especially older or familiar ones. However, there are many of these types of motels in all parts of the country and it is usually less expensive to book your reservation at one of them rather than going with an unknown motel. This is because the motel may be brand new and you will not need to pay any modern motel rates.

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