What Types of Marketing Automation in 2100 Will You Be Able to Utilize?

Types of marketing automation in 2021

The types of marketing automation in 2021 will rely heavily on social and content networks. This means that the sales process, once a simple lead generation form on an individual level, may instead become a highly social event. In many ways, the future of automation is at least as much about social interaction as it is about making sales. This opens up quite a few new possibilities for vendors and businesses looking to automate their business processes. Check out


There are a few key factors that will dictate whether or not the future of automation is successful. The biggest question is whether or not the platforms for these technologies can remain content, largely untapped after they have been released into the public. If they can’t remain hidden then there’s going to be significant pressure for these platforms to make their products available. For example, Facebook has recently announced that it will be offering social elements to all of its applications starting with the upcoming Facebook Home.


Another factor that will determine if automation will be successful in the future will be the way in which the marketing automation system interacts with internal sales teams. The type of interactions that take place between these two disparate groups will be critical to making sales. Automation could fail if those elements do not mesh well. This will be particularly true if the internal team does not understand how to use the new product or if the customer service element of the sales process is also problematic.

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