Winthrop Village Dental Centre

Welcome to Winthrop Village Dental Clinic! This is the only full service family dentistry in Brisbane. Located at Broad Beach, it is conveniently located just a few minutes drive from your home and is very convenient for those people who do a lot of traveling both locally and internationally. Click here to read more info.

Winthrop Village Dental Centre

 All About A Village Dental Centre

This small yet cozy clinic has been operating since 1984, serving clients in both areas of Australia and in specialties such as: General dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and sedation dentistry. It has been so successful that it has been named by the local brag directory as one of the best “dental clinics” in the country! This tiny yet popular practice has two locations: one in somerville boulevard and the other in Winthrop village. It is conveniently located right on the beachfront, and just minutes away from both the Parramatta and Broadbeach train stations.

The staff and the fully equipped dental care facility are just simply the perfect setting for those individuals who need an appointment for teeth cleaning, routine dental check-ups, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry procedures. The highly qualified cosmetic dentists are available round the clock to cater to the needs of patients who need dental services the most. So if you have any dental care needs, be it a simple filling or a major restoration, you can make an appointment with this clinic for outstanding dental care. Even though we are offering full range of dental care services, we offer personal and individualized attention to each patient, for a lifetime. For this reason, we have been named as one of the “top dental clinics” in Australia.

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